Are They Dupes? NARS VS. Maybelline Concealers: Review + Swatches!


NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer VS. Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer!

Are They Dupes?


I recently picked up  NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer from Sephora, and I already own Maybelline FIT ME Concealer. I am not really concealer person and I do not own many because I rarely use them, but since I bought the Fit Me one I started to wear it at night times when I wanna look extra glam. But I really do not shop at the drugstore very often and that is for so many reasons and personalty I prefer High end products in general.  Therefore, I decided to try the NARS one and  I like a lot. At the NARS counter at Sephora I grabbed the shade Custard first because it the most popular one  but when I tested on my skin it was a bit light for me, which is perfect for highlighting but I really was not looking for something to highlight, all I wanted  is something to conceal my imperfects so moved to the next darker color Ginger and it was  perfect fit for me.

NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer


Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer


The Products Review

Maybelline_logo_png (1)



As a drugstore product it is so affordable ($6.49), for 6.8 ml, it is free of oils ,waxes and fragrances. It provides  lightweight natural coverage to the skin, and it calms be a long wear product

This concealer has good consistency and very blendable,  but you still need to set it to prevent creasing. For me I picked up a lighter color, because I wanted to be a highlighter for down the bridge of nose, the forehead and the eyebrows. It also can be used as eyelid primer before applying any eye shadow.


The formula is liquidy and light on skin and but it could settle into fine lines. In my opinion the coverage is medium which it is good for  the daily use.

 Shades Range

The concealer  comes with 6 different shades to match the different skin tones and complexions.

Light to Fair Complexion

#10 (Light)

#15 (Fair)


Medium Complexion

#25 (Medium)

#20 (Sand)


Deep Complexion

#30 (Cafe)

#35 (Deep)



My Shade


Again I selected the shade #25 for the purpose of highlighting, the shade is very yellowy and warn-toned and I think  its a good match if you use the FIT ME! foundation in #220 like me.




The price is $29.00 Sephora for 0.22 oz (6 ml), It is alcohol and fragrance free , and as the names suggests its  it has creamy texture and give luminous finish.

This concealer aimed for long wear and its calms to be a crease-proof product and it provides a lightweight medium to high coverage.


The cream texture of this concealer might make feels heavy on the skin, therefore; I recommend to use very  small amount , a little goes a long way and that is all you need.

My impression on this products definitely was positive, it applied smoothly on the skin it was easy to blend with fingers or brush, I tried for under my eyes and it did good job concealing my dark circles. I was satisfied with way it looks on the skin. For my blemishes I think it did better job because the shade was a perfect match for my skin.

Shades Range

The NARS concealer has a wide range of colors and comes with 10 different shades to match the different skin tones and complexions.

Light to Fair Complexion

Chantilly: True ivory

Vanilla: Fair(Pink)


Light to Medium Complexion

Honey: Warn (Peach)

Custard: Warn (Yellow)


Medium Complexion

Ginger: Golden (Yellow)

Biscuit: Medium dark (Pink and yellow)

Caramel: Dark Golden (Yellow)


Deep Complexion

Amande: Golden (Olive)

Café: Dark warm (Red)

Cacao: Deep gold (Brown)


My Shade


According to the NARS website Ginger (Medium 2)  is a golden undertone shade for medium complexion. I really do have medium complexion with rich golden undertone.

I also could use either of Honey and Custard but,  it’s totally depends on the look you looking for. but I really wanted to be very natural on the skin so picked the one that matches me the best.

The shade is more in the yellowy side so it can used by most of the people with medium complexion and warn undertone.




NARS  (Medium2, Ginger )


Maybelline ( Medium,#25)


NARS VS Maybelline


So are they really Dupes?


Similarity Score: 95%

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